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SportsARM is an all-in-one powerful sports platform that is empowering schools, grassroots and professional organizations with digital innovations.

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Digital ARM for Sports



Helps teams to measure performance and make informed decisions, in order to gain competitive sports advantage.



The analytical reports empower coaches to establish data-driven performance benchmarks for athletes by better planning.



The new progressive approach creates persistence in the engagement and involvement of the whole sports ecosystem.

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We want our users to realize and maximize the potential of their sports performance by analysing, redeveloping and monitoring the sports ecosystem via our applications and effectively building the sport in athlete relationship.

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We Empower School Teams


SPorts Aide In Developing Ecosystem

SPAIDE is an all-in-one platform for your school’s sports ecosystem. It is a great balance of being innovative while at the same time very simple for the Coaches and Management to use.

  • Enhanced, accurate and efficient sports data.
  • Make decisions based on performance.
  • Save hours of administrative work so you can focus on the game.
  • Sports environment full of opportunities and exposure.
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Everything and everyone—in one place.


Performance Analysis

Track the strategic and tactical elements of team and player performance for better results.


Team Roster Management

Easily designate which players are going to which teams, saving hours of time.


Opportunities & New Avenues

Gain greater insight of your sport. Keep track of team and player activity across sports.


Paperless Trackability

Remove the burden of paperwork and manage and store all data in one place.


Hassle-free Scheduling

Plan all sports activities in one common sports calendar for consistent participation.


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athletes to excel.

  • Analyze performance and training.
  • Create high levels of accountability and feedback.
  • Communicate with your athletes and coaches.
  • Build your lifetime of coaching observation.

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